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We primarily use Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks Studio for our web design and graphics creation. If you have Dreamweaver, we can also just do template/layout design for you and then you can easily maintain your own site.

Web Hosting with AtTheFaire
Join the fastest growing renaissance community on the web.

Why should I let AtTheFaire design my site?

  • If you are handy with HTML tools and can make spiffy graphics yourself, you probably have no reason to. However, the quality of your site directly reflects on the quality of your product. A simple thrown together page at some free web host with pop up banner ads is going to send a far less professional image. Surprisingly, we have encountered many established merchants and entertainers with messy or otherwise incomplete web sites. We want to help change that.
  • If we design it, we'll plug it. ATF designed sites get premium placement in our listings and mentioned on other pages within the site.
  • We are affordable. Don't let the high prices most charge for site development scare you away. Give us your best price and we will try to work something out to fit your budget (including bartering).
  • We are rennies! We have years of festival experience. What better kind of webmaster for a renaissance faire based site is there? We don't design sites for anything but renaissance.

If you build it, who maintains it?

  • We will do minor site updates and corrections for free or more major site changes for a small fee. We can also do the initial site design in a way that will be easy for you to maintain on your own.

Can you beat free? I have a cousin that will build me a page for nothing.

  • We would still be happy to host it here. We are just really turned off by all the low quality festival related sites on the web. Even if you just need a few graphics or help with a layout, please let us know. We are primarily here to help the community.

How much is it going to cost me?

  • Please contact JP with a description of what you would like designed for a price quote.

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