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If you know of a site that maintains a list of links to other sites which maintain link lists, please let us know. We'd like to link to its listing of links from this links page. Thank you.

Ye Olde Links Page
Our ever-increasing list of links we like! (I love alliteration!) We'll be adding to this as time goes on. Do you know of a huzzah-inspiring site that you can't live without? Send us the link!

Dawn's Costume Guide
A WONDERFUL site full of simple patterns, instructions and a "sew with me" section that will make bodice making a (relatively) simple task. A lifesaver!
AFR Invasions
Pendragon Costumes
The makers of the BEST bodices in the known world.
What is kind of a medieval ruler would you have been?

Kalani's Links
An utterly fantastic list of links every rennie will use over and over again!

Danicia's Renaissance World
One of our favourite renaissance musical groups! Josie plays a mean hammered guitar.
Turning Point Woodworks
Custom woodturning and pyrographic artwork of goblets and steins...currently the official maker of all the Guild cups for the Rogues, Wenches, Mercs, Assassins, and all the other Lundegaard guilds.
Your link could be here! E-mail Willa with your link suggestion!
Home of Mistress Willa's fan...
Ren Radio
Streaming Renaissance Faire Music, 24 hours a day! What more could you want?
McDane's Tavern
Have a (virtual) pint of ale and peruse some photos from the faires of the can even play "Find the webwench" in the 1999 Scarborough Photos! (Hint: Willa had a different name then...)

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