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Our bar wench Molly will be happy to serve you the finest of ales, but remember to drop a few coins in the box on the wall before you order. You'll find it quite easily, as it is marked with T.I.P. which stands for "to insure promptness".*

(which is, of course, is a myth)

The Pub Mug If you would like to support AtTheFaire, and promote your Renaissance festival related group, business or service, drop me a note! We could use the coins in our tip jar!

The Pub AtTheFaire
The Pub has been closed by city health inspectors. Sorry 'bout that. Watch for a re-opening as a T.G.I. Fridays in the near future. (In sooth, it was lost with the Great Crash of 2006.)

Greetings, travelers. Take a seat and place an order with our barwench and get caught up with local happenings in the village. Just make sure you watch your limits, we wouldn't want anyone ending up in alcohol rehab.

  • Message Board - since ATF's message board is gone, why not drop by and check out their message board? Jamie (Deadbishop) says all Pubbers are welcome to stop by.
  • Pub Club Registry - see who has what Pub Pin #, and where they are from, and what their real name is (great for stalkers).

*2003 edition pins are here!*

The new pins look similar to the old ones, but are a slightly different type of wood. Here is a pic of the original pins:

Join the Pub Club!

NOTE: Pins are completely sold out. I have about 38 people on the waiting list for the next batch.

2nd Edition Pins:The 2003 edition pins are made from a different type of wood. They will be numbered 1-100 (2003) but will actually be 101-200 in the registry.

To qualify for Pub Club membership: You must be a registered member of our message board and you must have posted an introduction so everyone knows who you are. Be sure to include your Pub username (handle) when your order so we know who you are!

Your Pub Name, Real Name, and City/State will be listed publicly in the registry.

These wooden pins are approximately 2 inches tall and are individually carved by Three Gryphons carving studio in Pennsylvania (they host with us). The photo to the left is of the prototype pin. (See how they are made. See the first batch arriving!)

The 2 1/4" mundane buttons have not been available since 2002, but may be made again this Fall.
Main Chat Room Message Board Pub Club Registry Upload Avatar/Profile Pic