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Willa and John-Paul have been known to spend periods of time "stuck" in accent. When they first started dating, they would go out on the town for an evening in accent and actually fooled quite a few people!

They get their "Cockney" accents from watching far too much Red Dwarf, Monty Python and Spinal Tap.

Basic Faire Accent
Want some other tips on what to say whilst at faire? Look no further! We have a condensed list of "must knows" for faire-speak below.

How you greet someone depends on your rank and theirs. Normally, this can be figured out by how they are dressed compared to you.

The Queen is an easy one to pick out, and she is addressed as "Your Highness", or "Your Grace". In third person, when talking about the queen, you may refer to her as "Her Majesty".

If you're not sure, the safest bet is to refer to the other person as "Sir", "Milord", "Mistress", or "Milady" depending on their sex. If you know the person, and they are a close friend of yours, you can refer to them as "Cousin", and it doesn't just have to be your aunt's child..."Cousin" just refers to someone you're chummy with. And, when speaking to or of someone younger than yourself, you can call them "Lass" or "Lad". Of course, it is acceptable to call a woman who is of the working class, such as a barmaid, a "Wench". Watch this word, though...I wouldn't use it with anyone questionable. Even though we're playing in the Middle Ages, there are still those forever stuck in the politically correctness of the here and now. BUT, if you ever run across Willa, feel free to call her a wench...she's proud of it!

Now that you have the addressing down pat, let's move on to the actual greetings. This is where you get to have some fun and make yourself remembered. Men, learn how to kiss a woman's hand properly...there will be lessons up here soon. Look into the person's eyes when greeting them, unless, of course, they are royalty, then you bow your head in respect. Say something like, "Greetings", or "Good day", or "Good morrow"...make up something yourself. Be original! But be period...

To say goodbye, simply do the same thing..."Anon" is a well-known way to say that you'll speak again later. "Fare thee well" or "I bid you adieu" are acceptable as well.

The basic concept of faire-speak is, "Why use two words, when twenty will do?" Make your words melodic and fancy. Say "aye" instead of "yes", and "nay" instead of "no". "Perchance" sounds much better than "maybe", and "prithee" rolls off the tongue nicer than "please". "Wherefore" can replace "why", and "verily" instead of "truly". And don't forget to say "grammarcy" instead of "thank you". How you speak will get you remembered, and it will truly help the patrons enjoy their visit all the more.

If you feel confident enough to try for an actual accent, , you can surf the web for some fantastic links on just how to do that. Here's a great page on Elizabethan accents. There are also interactive Irish lessons, as well as a virtual plethora of online dictionaries in various languages. Or, learn an accent in your spare time with a book that comes with a CD! Below are just a few samples of what you can get through

Simply click on a link below to find out more about these books offered by and let them know that sent you!
English Accents and Dialects

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Want to search for more books on accents, history & more? Click the above link & let know that AtTheFaire sent you!
Accents of English I

So, Milords....Miladies...Lads and Lasses, anon and adieu, and verily grammarcy for allowing us the chance to bask in your light and share a touch of our knowledge. Prithee, return again soon, and perchance messenger your favourite faire-speak to our hands, as we may be able to expand our minds with your brilliance. Fare thee well...

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Main Basic Faire Accent Creating a Persona Faire Songs Garb Getting Involved
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