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Welcome to the online home of John-Paul George the Second (but you may call him Ringo...)

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Information on AtTheFaire's John-Paul will be featured on this page in the near future...

John-PaulGood day to you! I see someone has finally decided to check out this page even though it has been barren for a long, long time. Well, you are in for a treat for today this page actually contains something! Not much, but something.

My name is John-Paul George (the second) but you may call me Ringo. Please keep in mind I probably won't answer to Ringo since I'm actually not used to being called that. I certainly won't answer to just John. I do, however, always turn my head when I hear someone calling out for John-Paul and let me tell you ... I sure love to hear my name being called for.

But enough of that. I believe in a past life I must have been a rat catcher's apprentice. I know this because, for some strange reason, I always seem to find a small mouse in my hat. Ask me. I'll show you. Anyone who may have encountered me several years ago roaming Medici Grove (Iowa Renaissance Festival and Harvest Faire) may recall seeing me with several mice in hand trying to cause a stir. What a long strange trip it's been since...

After years of noticing the bizarre absence of lovely young rose girls at festivals I was fortunate enough to encounter John the Rose Lord (Faire of the Midlands). This John had absolutely the finest roses I had ever seen. You could purchase one for your love and she could carry it all day and into the next and it would still be fresh and lovely. What was the secret? After a brief conversation (1998) I soon discovered that the secret was in the special roses which he had delivered by special courier at great cost. There was also a bit of enchantment thrown in to the mix compliments of the mystical Merlyn, but those details are a trade secret.

Soon I would find myself as a distributor not just of high quality long stemmed roses, but of romance! After a trial at Medici and a tour of Wybreg Village with a former love of my own, I found myself a full fledge roaming merchant. My journey led me to many lands (Southern Illinois Renaissance Festival) both new and familiar to build my skills. Though I have long since lost touch with Delilah (fortunately) and Miriam (unfortunately), my new life with Mistress Willa is fulfilling and wonderful so be discreet when you pass me your village number. . . ;-)

My home is now the Village of Wybreg though I also travel to many other festivals. Perhaps our path will cross? If you see me, please call for me. I love the attention.

-- John-Paul


  • "Genetically altered daisies!"
  • "Rooooooooooooooses!"
  • "If you're happy and you know it, buy a rose!"
  • "Roses for the romantically challenged!" (shamelessly borrowed from Sir John...)
  • "If you love her, you'll buy her a rose!"
  • "Pretty prickly flowers!"
  • "Easier to train than a Furby!"
  • ...

See you. . .and if you've seen me, drop me a note and tell me where.


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