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Salisbury Faire (2001) - Des Moines, Iowa
Location: 3 Water Works Park is fairly easy to get to from almost anywhere in Des Moines. They provide proper signage to point the way, but the actual location is a bit off the main roads.
Ambiance: 4 The park location is a wonderful spot for an event. The area is completely wooded and natural without a power line in sight (once you cross the river bridge and walk across the surrounding bike trail).
Food/Drink: 3 This is a dry event (no alcohol). A small non-period looking food court area served everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to turkey legs.
Merchants: 4 A very wide variety of merchants with quite a bit of overlap. Like to shop and browse?
Entertainment: 3 The Hanlon-Lees jousting troupe along with a plethora of other musical acts make for alot to see and hear at this event.
Streetmosphere: 3 Rufus the Rude, Sauboo the War Trolle and a handful of other characters roam around, but nothing too special.
After Hours: 2 There probably is alot of fun to be had here, but we basically organized all the activity we got involved in by arranging an after hour dinner and distributing flyers to friends we already had.


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