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Here is your chance to help us build one of the most comprehensive renaissance festival ranking systems on the Internet. Thanks!

Step 1: Fill out your reviewer profile (below). You only need to do this once.

Step 2: Fill out a rating form for each festival you wish to rate (click here for that page).

Ratings are meaningless is people don't know the types of things you find important about faire. Please enter your reviewer profile below. If you want to see an example entry, click here.

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John-Paul's Ranking Profile:

1=Don't Care, 2=Not Really Important, 3=Somewhat Important, 4=Very Important

Location: 1 Remote faires can be a pain in the arse but as long as I can find them without too much trouble I don't mind the long drives. The way I see it, it could be three hours to get to a huge festival and still not be worth it. I have yet to drive to a remote event that I didn't think was worth a few hours in the car (though a few have come close).
Ambiance: 4 This is very important to me. Buildings and power lines turn me off, and corporate logos should never be seen at a renaissance festival. If you gotta be sponsored, at least theme things! Go away, Pepsi. I'm trying to watch the joust.
Food/Drink: 2 I'm not too picky here. Basically, if there are turkey legs and ice tea or lemonade, it's a festival. I don't even mind corn dogs (since I like them) as long as they try to theme them somehow with a cute name. Access to liquids, though, is crucial. Alcohol is a big plus since I enjoy walking around with a mug of wine from time to time. If the only drink stands are soda I'd have a problem with it since cola on a hot day is not the best thing for someone in 6 layers of clothing.
Merchants: 2 I'm not a big shopper. I don't need fifteen different belt shops to make a choice. As long as there is one merchant with what I am looking for, I am happy. A handful of quality merchants is better, to me, than a hundred merchants with many duplicate items.
Entertainment: 4 When I go to play, I want to be entertained. If I go to participate, this is not as important since I'm going to be too busy to see the shows anyway. People don't pay to shop—they pay to be entertained.
Streetmosphere: 4 Make me part of the show or I'm not happy I just spent $12 to walk around a mediaeval shopping mall. An event with no roaming characters just seems...
After Hours: 3 I wouldn't go to an event strictly to party, but knowing that such activities do happen might encourage me to make a weekend out of something that I would normally day trip. I find that the events I like the best are the ones that I can get most involved with and hang out with the most people (even if, in general, I don't like hanging out with people).

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