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This listing is growing beyond those entertainers we have personally seen at faire. If we have seen them in person, you will see the faire abbreviation in the "Seen At" section of their listing.

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Jousters, reenactors, combat and comedy!
  1. Caravan Gypsies - music, dance, and female swordfighters HOSTED BY ATF
  2. Renaissance Sword Theater, Inc. - not-for-profit live steel combat troupe HOSTED BY ATF
  3. Shattock School of Defence - fun and funny combat presentations HOSTED BY ATF
  4. HMR, Inc. - live steel combat, historical reenactment and educational fun!
  5. Irish Knight Productions - live steel and other fun displays
  6. Jousting Knights and Steeds, Inc. - Hanlon-Lees Action Theater jousting
  7. Naughty Nobles - swordplay and comedy
  8. Noble Cause Productions - jousting troupe
  9. Rogues and Rapiers - comedic swordplay
  10. Skjaldborg - Dark Ages living history camp
  11. The Duelists - A dazzling display of comedy and swordfighting brilliance!
  12. The Kingdom of York - Educational Re-enactments and recreation of the time period from 1150 to 1603. LIVE steel combat, arts, and archery
  13. The Royal Guard - Royal Guarding-like duties

Musical Dancers, singers, and makers of merriment!
  1. Brigit's Fire - Traditional storytelling by Maureen Korte accompanied by Sarah Macht on a Celtic lap harp
  2. Brobdingnagian Bards - Austin's original celtic musical duo
  3. Danza Mystique - international dancers (AKA the jingly gypsies!)
  4. David Roe and the Royal Rounders - musical mayhem for any festival!
  5. Guilde of St. Ives - reveling and dancing abounds
  6. Gypsy Guerrilla Band - hit and run music
  7. The Jolly Rogers - pirate music and comedy
  8. Lilies of the Valley - two musical ladies NEW!
  9. Catriona MacHugh - a "very enthusiastic" singer
  10. Minstrosity - musical mayhem for all occasions
  11. Orckes and Trolles - "alternative" madrigal group
  12. Owain Phyfe - the most amazing musician on earth
  13. Prairie Thistle - music and storytelling
  14. Seymoure - silly songs and everybody's favorite, "Seymoure Says"
  15. Gaylord T. Stauffer - harpist extraordinaire
  16. 3 Pints Gone (formerly Wild Mountain Thyme) - sassy singers of everything, including "The Moose Song"

Colour Ren faire organizers refer to those who fill in all the blanks are create the atmosphere "colour" here you have it!
  1. The Washer Well Wenches - who deals with the dirty laundry in your village? HOSTED & DESIGNED BY ATF
  2. Pretty Prickly Flowers - they don't just sell roses...they spread romance! A division of ATF
  3. Beth "Sparrow" Byrd - clown & mime
  4. brother william - wandering wood carver with wisdom to spread
  5. Dean Franzen - gravity tester (ie, juggler)
  6. Dr. Dumpe - a comedic, fire-eating magician!
  7. Dream Weaver Productions - puppetry helps you witness the birth of a dragon
  8. Historical Military Cooking Demonstrations - just what the name says
  9. The Horsemen - street performers
  10. Just Fooling Around - The Mad Irishman and the French Wench
  11. Major-General Ulysses S. Grant - not our time period, but a reinactor we met at a faire
  12. Merlyn's Magic - magic with renaissance flair
  13. Mother Pockets' Soup Kitchen - Demonstration renaissance period cooking
  14. Past Times with Good Company - performing, interactive and educational royalty and more!
  15. Pickle Fool - Rickles the Pickle Man runs amuck through the festival, selling pickles and spreading the pickle love. He's an extremely entertaining merchant.
  16. Sir Gustave Doc'Tain - interactive storytelling
  17. Jeff Quinn - Sir Geoffrey of Quinn, magician
  18. Rigor Mortis - "death cart" street character
  19. Rufas the Rude - an all-around "dirty" guy
  20. Sauboo the War Troll - the molester of women, the enslaver of men, and the eater of bad children.
  21. Washing Well Wenches - wet women abound
  22. Whipboy - a boy with a whip, apparently
  23. William O'Wickam - teacher, storyteller

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