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This page is a list of updates that happened in the previous versions of AtTheFaire. As such, any links listed here are likely to pages that no longer exist.

11-20-2000 - A custom written Java program was recently used to add navigational link tags to each thumbnail page. Also, some HTML example code was added to our Link to Us page. -- JP

11-15-2000:Okay, after a long wait (thank you for being so patient! In a perfect world, there would be a program to handle thumbnailing as many photos as we have!), the photos from KCRF 2000 (Wench Invasion Weekend) and Wybreg Village Fall 2000 are up to be viewed! Simply click on the Faire Photos section and have at it! But please take a moment to read this note from us, concerning the photos, first. We would also like to thank those who are members of our ListBot service. As a special treat to them for making our lives that much easier, we gave them an advance notice of the photos being up! If you'd like to know about photos before everyone else, join!

11-07-2000: AtTheFaire would like to take a moment of your time to welcome a new group to our family! The Washer Well Wenches have joined our webhosting ranks (since Willa's the head wench, it was basically a done deal to begin with!) and have launched their site today! Welcome, gals! Everyone go see their site! Many more goodies to come to ATF in the next few weeks...Go to Our Groups and sign up with our ListBot service to be sure you get notified of the changes! Also, an ad for the Washer Well Wenches was added to Faire Folke.

10-31-2000: A new photo of both John-Paul and Willa were put on their personal pages.

10-25-2000: Willa was elected as Official Webwench, Co-Walk Captain and Faire Liason from Hell for the Heartland Wenches, Local 29, of the International Wenches Guild. Thanks, gals!

10-24-2000: The wench has been named! Go here for results. Also, one new faire, two new performers and seven new merchants have been added to Faire Folke!

10-23-2000: A new blurb has been put on the front page of ATF, which says lots of things, two of which are that we're asking people to send us their faire memories and/or reviews as well as their ideas as to things they'd like to see on in the future! E-mail and let us know!

10-18-2000: Yet another version of Name the Wench has been added! Help us one last time this faire season!

10-17-2000: Willa's favourite photos from weekend two of Wybreg Village can be seen here!

10-11-2000: 10 new merchants from KCRF and Wybreg Village have been added to Faire Folke!

10-9-2000: A blurb has been added to the front page about our first weekend of Wybreg Village, as well as a link to Burlington, Iowa's The Hawk Eye's article on the festival and the washer well wenches was added.

10-5-2000: The second wench has been named!

10-4-2000: A new photo on the front page!

10-3-2000: The KCRF Scottish Weekend photos are now up!

10-2-2000: A new wench needs a name! Help us here!

9-13-2000: The wench has been named! Click here to find out the details.

9-12-2000: Song lyrics have been added to The Last Huzzah!

9-11-2000: The "Name the Wench" Contest began!

9-10-2000: Things have been BUSY around here! The new ATF, version 1.2 is now uploaded and (we think) bug free! Also, we just attended IRF in Amana, IA, and are in the process of putting up the 300+ photos! We have new merchant and entertainer ads to see, and we've decided to add the contact information for the various Midwestern faires we attend and such. LOTS of new stuff. Also, a new and improved "Faire Virgins" section that is worth checking out, and our web hosting special of the month! Have fun browsing! --WWW

8-20-2000: There have been changes since June...and I have no idea why we didn't list them! However, there have been a few months since we've attended faire last. That's gonna change soon! Our updated calendar of faires we plan to attend is here, and we have two new subdomains: The Bards' Guild and Renaissance Sword Theatre. Welcome aboard!

6-22-2000: We couldn't actually call ourselves an official web site without a links page. Now we have one!

6-21-2000: We've added Our Groups, a page telling you how to sign up for our new E-Mail notification system as well as a few eGroups recommendations from us to you.

6-19-2000: After five weekends in a row of faire, Willa and I are taking some time off to work on this site. Step one is a partial makeover of the graphics and navigation. Let us know what you think. -- JP

And let's not forget the SLEW of new merchants and entertainers we met in Slater, MO, that now have their information up on our Faire Folke pages! -- Willa

6-15-2000: The poll was removed, and we're looking for ways to bring you both more festival photos and a way to find midwest faire folke. We also added a link to the eGroup that AtTheFaire moderates, WybregVillage, for all you wonderful folke out there!

6-12-2000: The pics are intact, and more merchants and entertainers have been added to our listing section.

6-9-2000: Huzzah! Photos from Salisbury Faire as well as Wybreg Village are now available (more or less -- it seems some of the Wybreg links are broken at the moment, but this will be fixed soon).

5-30-2000: John-Paul and Willa have returned from Wybreg Village (weekend 1) and will have a few hundred new photos (and likely some video clips) available "real soon now". A few more free ads were added recently with more to follow.

5-25-2000: Bios for both John-Paul and Willa are officially available!

5-22-2000: After our first weekend of faire in Des Moines at Salisbury Faire, we have decided to add a section to our site dedicated to giving free ads to all merchants and entertainers in the circuit who want one!

5-10-2000: Finally, a guestbook! And a poll to find out what direction we want to go in...There is also now information on the webwench, and a page dedicated to B.F.A. And don't forget to link to us!

4-20-2000: The webwench has spiffyfied more of this site...

4-19-2000: The faire photos are now online and indexed! Huzzah! The layout was also slightly updated.

4-18-2000: New site deployment.

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