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This place also shows The Rocky Horror Picture Show every weekend. In fact, they are one of the top rated Rocky Horror theaters in America.

by John-Paul, ATF Staff Writer

As announced at the last minute, the jousting movie A Knight's Tale finally made it to the local lounge theater Billy Joe's Pitcher Show. Billy Joe's is a club with karaoke and a movie theater restaurant all under one roof. Second run movies ($3.50 for a ticket) are shown in a theater with tables and comfy lounge chairs. Groups of four can order food and drink then dine while the movie is on. It's really a great place to see a movie!

Thanks to a heads up by Nasira of the Danza Mystique dance troupe, AtTheFaire made plans to attend the final showing of A Knight's Tale this past Tuesday night. We've discussed the movie at length in past articles so this one will simple present some photos from the knight. Enjoy!

We have movie sign!

Now playing: A Knight's Tale and Chicken Run. (Hey, isn't Chicken Run already out on video?) Billy Joe's usually has movies before they hit the dollar theater, but they do special children's movies that (as you can see) are sometimes much older.

Billy Joe's Pitcher Show.

Mistress Willa waits for the Gypsies to arrive... This was before we found out they were inside waiting for us.

No lines. JP must not have been here.

The entrance. We were about a half hour early, so we got to avoid the lines.

Gypsies arrive.

The Jingly Gypsies arrive with a friend. Seen here: Nasira, Tani (sp?), and Tamalena.

JP, Willa and kids.

And, of course, John-Paul and Mistress Willa were there along with Willa's offspring, Connor and Anthony.

Wench seating.

The theater has several sections, each higher than the one in front of it. The small tables and comfy chairs make this theater very unique. Every town should have a Billy Joe's.

Gypsy section.

And, of course, the special Gypsy section.

A few things about the movie...

Turkey legs!

Is that a turkey leg? Hmmm, I guess this film was set after America had been discovered and turkeys were brought back to England... or something. Or, perhaps it is an inside joke. Or, perhaps, it was put in by someone who researched the time period by going to renaissance festivals. Either way it makes for a fun festival feel to the film.


Our hero was invited to a dance. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to dance. He is hastily shown some dance moves but then he is put on the spot when he is asked to show a dance from his land. He makes up some steps that end up looking a lot like disco. Great fun and the funniest moment in the film.

Face painting!

Oh, and there was face painting and ribbons in hair and all kinds of other faire fun to watch for.

Note from Willa: And I just noticed that the vast majority of the women in the film are wearing long skorts! (That would be pants that are so baggy-legged that they look like skirts). Amazing!

Wow. That was fun. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD...

-- John-Paul

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