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NEW NEBRASKA FESTIVAL (updated 7/8/2001)
by John-Paul, ATF Staff Writer

This just in...

There is a new renaissance faire in Eastern Nebraska! On Sunday, September 9th, Fremont Nebraska will be celebrating their Family Days. The local YMCA is sponsoring a Renaissance Faire at their Camp Christian.

The Horsemen (a new Renaissance reenactment group from Omaha, NE) is looking for volunteer performers for this faire. The more the merrier!

The faire is currently scheduled to take place at 1:00pm. Since this is in the middle of a heavily church-going population and being held on non-profit grounds, a few precautions are being set up.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact Jason Lahowetz via email at or John Gill by mail ...

  • John Gill
    P.O. Box 111483
    Omaha, NE 68111-5483

Please be sure to tell them you read about it here on! If they need a web site, send them our way! :-)


This is a faire that will be held at YMCA's Camp Christian. These grounds are controlled by a non-profit organization, so all street performers are asked to work on a volunteer basis, and all vendors must contribute at least 5% to YMCA.

There will be no weapons vendors, and all weapons for street characters/performers will be inspected and secured for both the protection of the performers and patrons. You may want to bring scrap cloth to cover modern peace-ties which may be mandatory.

Some costumes may be available for street performers, however it will be preferred that all performers secure their own dress. There will be a mandatory meeting at faire grounds at 11:30 the morning of faire. This will be to establish security protocols and familiarity
with faire grounds.

Some items are still under negotiation, and information will be passed on as soon as confirmation is given.

  • Jason Lahowetz
    Advertising Consultant / Street Performer Contact
    The Horsemen
    Omaha, NE


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