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AFR Name: Mistress Willa (Wilhelmina Wendeline Wylie)
Home Faire: Wybreg Village
Quote: Hu-frickin'-zzah
My Internet Presence
Business: The Washer Well Wenches
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TangerineLindsy Two chat programs are enough!

Faires I Attend
Name State / Province City
Wybreg Village Ren Fest Iowa Bonaparte
Salisbury Faire Iowa Des Moines
Kansas City Ren Fest Kansas Bonner Springs
Iowa Ren Faire & Harvest Fest Iowa Amana Colonies
Renaissance Faire of the Midlands Iowa Council Bluffs
My Waterloo Days Ren Faire Iowa Waterloo
Jubilee College Olde Worlde Faire Illinois Brimfield
Hamlet of Mid-Missouri Missouri Sedalia

For the schedule of faires I plan to attend, go here.

My Rennie Help Pages
Name Description Faire Newbie Guide, as well as over 5,000 photos from midwest faires we've attended, and a listing of all merchants and entertainers we've crossed paths with in our journies.

My Favourite Sites
Name Description
Renaissance Foundation The non-profit organization that runs Wybreg Village Ren Faire...I'm the webmaster, so I'm probably just a *bit* biased!
Shattock Schoole of Defence Daring acts of swishy pokey-ness...and maybe even a little swordplay!
Renaissance Sword Theatre The BEST live steel, unchoreographed swordfighting troupe I've ever seen.
The Scots Dragon Home of the Mistress Willa floppy hat(s) and the best bodice I've ever owned. We spend more money with these people...and they're worth it!
The International Wenches Guild Wench #596, at your service!
The Directorie I can't live without it! Thanks, Bonk!
Ren Faire Purity Test I'm 90.5% faire corrupt, 9.5% faire pure. A Renaissance Faire Addict!
Yahoo! Groups I'm the moderator of two groups and the member of several others, including Heartland Wenches
Disney Fans My beloved's baby :)

These Are Some Of The Skills That I'm Willing To Share / Help With
Web designer by trade Graphic artist by trade Steamstress
Seasoned wench ;) Faire performer Mama of two

Personal Description Persona Description
I'm the mother of two gorgeous little boys who are the center of my universe. Right there with them is my beloved Allen, the man who holds the key to my heart.

My full name is Wilhelmina Wendeline Wylie (where the WWW for comes from!), and I'm the head wench of the Washer Well Wenches. After my father died, I inherited this business from him and have worked hard since to make it a success. The only thing standing in my way are the women I work with...

For more info, click here.

The Worshipers of the Goddess of Freaks

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