In memory of those who will live on forever...we will not forget. is a site dedicated to the celebration of a fantasy world we all weave in order to escape the day to day trials of life. Renaissance faires take us away from the present day to a time when we can pretend we're royalty or knights or saucy wenches or whatever else you can dream up. Most of the time, we just need an escape. And we believe that right now is a time to band together and remember how to enjoy life, even in the midst of all that terror and pain and uncertainty.

So come visit the site and escape for a while...but we all know that we'll never be able to forget.

Remember to take a few moments today to tell someone you love just how you feel. Take the extra moments to give hugs, kisses...or even just smile to the stranger on the street. They can hurt us, but they will never win. We're too strong for that.

Take today to remember and pray in whatever form you pray. Fly your American flags. And don't let this feeling of unity ever fade.

We love and appreciate all of our friends,
Willa & John-Paul

(Lindsy & Allen)

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